C-Suite Resources

Coaching Executives…


The Issues


  • Who can I trust?
  • Who will be my sounding board?
  • Who can I speak to candidly about my reservations, fears, and questions?
  • As a C-Suite Member I need someone I can be honest, candid, raw, and open with.
  • As a leader, I can’t ever appear to be confused, weak, or emotional to anyone in my organization.
  • It is difficult to share this of information with anyone else as there are obvious conflicts of interest.
  • It is also difficult to share with my spouse or partner because of how it impacts our relationship at home. 



The Solutions


  • Bring in someone from the outside is an amazing win/win when we are faced with these issues.
  • Someone who is adept at seeing the intangibles, a good problem solver, and trustworthy.
  • Someone who understands the psychology of the self, individuals, and groups.
  • I need to bring someone into my corner that is not part of my organization.
  • Bring in a Yes-Person… QUESTIONER!
  • I need to find myself an Executive Coach!
  • Most importantly, it should be done all discreetly and professionally.
  • A person who is committed to helping me build myself and my organization up.
  • A coach who can call me out, be an honest critic, maximize my potential, and all simultaneously.